Tailgating is permitted in specified areas only.

Non-compliance may result in ejection from the lot without compensation.

Tailgating is defined as: the use of any item (including tables, chairs, free-standing canopies or umbrellas, awnings attached to recreational vehicles, coolers, barbecues, grills, games, generators, televisions, sound systems, food or drink, food or drink preparation or serving equipment, or other items as identified by the City Manager or designee) for the purpose of an outdoor gathering by one or more people prior to, during or after a scheduled stadium event. Glass containers are not permitted in ANY lot.



Tailgating Requirements

  • Tailgating will cease after kickoff
  • All guests must be in possession of a valid event ticket or credential
  • Amplified sound is prohibited
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol is prohibited
  • Tailgating cannot impede vehicle or foot traffic
  • Tailgating is limited to the area directly in front of or behind your vehicle only
  • Empty spaces may not be reserved or used for the purpose of tailgating
  • Tents or canopies exceeding an 8′ x 8′ footprint are not permitted
  • Appropriate receptacles must be used for the disposal of hot coals
  • All Guest Code of Conduct and parking policies are in effect
  • Tailgating cannot impede vehicle, foot traffic, or ADA paths of travel